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Bill analysis and auditing from the experts

The team at UTelcom can help you to reduce the cost of your landline communications by a significant amount, by thoroughly auditing your landline billing.

We can achieve this for your business by:

✔ Ensuring that your carrier is applying consistent and correct rates

✔ Searching for an alternative or discount plan with your telecoms company

✔ Considering moving some of your calls to a different supplier

✔ Identifying and analysing redundant services such as infrequently used phone lines

✔ Considering misuse of telecoms lines by individuals

✔ Reducing non-essential calls

All of these measures can be taken without disrupting your busy day. Wherever discrepancies or over charging is found, we can renegotiate with your operator to ensure reimbursement.

What sets us apart from other cost-reduction companies?

✔ Our advanced audit software allows us to comprehensively assess your situation and provide options accordingly, and to analyse your operators electronic billing data

✔ These audits are carried out in incremental stages to ensure all of your operations remain efficient and to identify problems as quickly as possible

How to save money on your overhead circuits

Get in touch
with the team at UTelcom today. Billing errors and redundant services on the part of your provider could mean that you're paying too much for your private circuits.

Here at our telecoms consultancy in Surrey, we can help to ensure you aren't paying for any out-of-date services or incorrect bills by tracking any problems back to your supplier.

Call our telecoms consultancy on 020 3743 9369 now to start reducing the cost of your landline communications.

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