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Make the most of our mobile inventory and bill processing service

UTelcom can help you to manage all of your mobile assets quickly and with minimum hassle using Mobile Expense Management (MEM).

MEM provides essential information which helps you to manage your mobile costs by:

✔ Providing detailed breakdowns of your bills

✔ Identifying trends in costing

✔ Processing and evaluating monthly bills

✔ Pinpointing any discrepancies in usage

What are the benefits of using UTelcom UK?

✔ Fast and frequent checking of bills

✔ Reports on personal use and advice on policy

✔ Investigating of refunds and credits

✔ Administration of company mobiles

✔ Reporting of unused assets

✔ ...and many more

How does MEM work?

MEM refers to the comparing of service processes and monthly bills against your chosen supplier's contractual terms, employee list and database. Whether you need reporting to be delivered on an individual or corporate level, you can trust UTelcom to produce the results you need.

As we aim not to disrupt the running of your business in any way, you are free to continue to control your suppliers and mobile community. The team at UTelcom tailor each of our services to your individual requirements. We take into account your unique requirements and adjust our service accordingly.

For more information about MEM (Mobile Expense Management) and to find out more about how the team at UTelcom can help you effectively reduce your costs, call us today on 020 3743 9369.

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