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Benchmarking for landline, mobile and data contracts

Benchmarking can ensure you are getting the best possible deal on your company's telecommunications tariffs by continuously identifying and adapting processes which lead to better performance.

Here at UTelcom, we have the experience and capabilities to negotiate your terms and ensure you get the best deal for your company. Using benchmarking, we can help you to:

✔ Discover where improvements can be made on your existing plan

✔ Utilise information gathered to improve negotiations

✔ Benefit from our thorough analysis of compliance, tariff and billing practices

Factors to consider when exploring benchmarking:

✔ The mobile market – Mobile prices can be more troublesome to compare than landline prices, as the market is both younger and less transparent. You need to consider data roaming, VPN and GPS services when searching for the best deal.

✔ Landline telephony – It is essential that your landline tariff reflect the price of your spend and the assortment of different services you use. Conference calling, telemarketing and rental charges must also be considered as they will contribute to your bill.

✔ Data services – Factors to consider when exploring data buying criteria are technology, coverage and quality.

Are you getting the best deal on your mobile, broadband and data tariffs? For more information on procurement and benchmarking, call our telecommunication cost consultancy now on 020 3743 9369.

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